Emma Hogan


Emma Hogan

Emma has big ambitions as a triathlete and is willing to make the small sacrifices to chase her overall dream.

Originally from Far North Queensland and now based in Melbourne, Emma lives by the simple mantra 'You get out what you put in' and is in pursuit of reaching the highest level in the sport.

What is your ultimate finish line (goal)?

Olympic Gold, multiple World Titles and to inspire the next generation of Aussie Sport Stars and to leave a lasting impression on Australian Sport.

What are you most proud of?

My decision to commit to a move that took me to the other end of the country to train and realise my dream. I have never looked back.

What gets you out of bed in the morning and drives your passion to keep pushing yourself and chasing your finish lines?

Easy - I want to be the best triathlete in the world and I know what it takes to get there. Simple as that. (I also really love what I do - which makes it 100 times easier)

What is your favourite 2XU product and why? How does this help you prepare, perform, recover and repeat?

My WETSUIT! I always struggled with getting a wetty that fit properly- didn't gape or hang loose and I can get this one off quick sticks which is exactly what I need.

Also, obviously my custom race kit. It fits like a dream, is cut perfectly and looks the goods as well. Being able to design a suit with the team at 2XU is something I always dreamt of doing and now I have one sitting in my cupboard. How cool is that!

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