Our mission here at 2XU is to create a fitter, healthier world. We believe this all starts with the well-being of our people, and this is why we are taking steps to support them.

One in four people worldwide will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Nearly two-thirds of these people will never seek help. We at 2XU want to change that.

While the stats seem staggering, they’re not new, and they’re not just numbers. They’re athletes. Your neighbour. That colleague. They’re you and me.

As a company, we’d be the first to admit we feel at home outside our comfort zone. The goals we set for ourselves are courageous and ambitious. But in the uncertainty of today’s current climate, we’ve got a massive role to play in supporting the wellbeing of our people.

Our goal as a workplace is to create a culture where everyone feels confident to ask for help. To feel safe and supported. To ride the wave instead of fighting it. To tap out for a bit. To know that no-one has to navigate the inevitable pressures of life on their own.

Positioning mental health as equal to physical health is non-negotiable.

As a recently accredited Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Officer and someone who knows first-hand the struggle of facing up to his job every day with a mental illness, Jordy Wade knows that change in the workplace has the potential to ripple outwards in the community and we stand with his belief. Jordy explains:

“I didn’t realise the signs in myself and I didn’t reach out for help because I didn’t know I could. But I finally did and I’m so grateful for it. I genuinely believe that integrating training and accreditation from MHFA in the workplace can both directly and indirectly change lives.”

With our commitment to accredit a further four colleagues with MHFA, our quest to create a fitter, healthier world starts by empowering our people. The challenges of lockdown have been tough, but we’re just getting tougher. In the struggle we’ve found opportunity, and we’re more aligned with our purpose more than ever.

We’re equipping our people to recognise, reach out and respond to mental health without judgement.

We’re making it safe for our people to seek professional help. And the barriers to getting help when it’s needed? We’re taking them down.

We’re cultivating a workplace where everyone is able to recognise the early signs that a colleague or even themselves may be dealing with a mental health issue before it becomes a crisis.

We’re giving our team the flexibility to balance conflicting work vs personal demands.

Because our peoples’ success is our success.

When everyone’s mental and emotional needs are met, heard, and respected, we’re all stronger as a result. 2XU CEO Greg Kerr explains:

“We know we have a lot to learn when it comes to understanding how emotional wellbeing can support each individual's trajectory to success. But in spending more than half our life at work, we recognise the commitment we have to making work a place where our people always have the space and support they need. And that can help change careers and change lives for the better.”

With a relentless drive to succeed, we’re also no strangers to the importance of recovery and we don’t intend to be now. Whether it’s hitting pause, rewind or reset, our mission to create a fitter, healthier world is gaining momentum and with it, we’re going to make magic.