Aaron Royle

Aaron Royle



What does your standard training week involve?
Swim: Roughly 15 Kilometres per week, comprising of a heart rate session, a threshold session and an open water session.
Ride: 300 โ€“ 350 Kilometres per week, comprising of a motor pacing session, a hill effort session, a sprint session and an easy long ride.
Run: 100 Kilometres per week comprising of mixed runs of threshold efforts, speed work and longer easier runs.
Plus a strength and conditioning program every day and casual work as a lifeguard at Wollongong University pool.

Where is your favourite place to train?
Wollongong and Falls Creek in Australia, Vitoria in Spain and Font Romeu in France.

What is your favourite 2XU garment? When do you use it and why?
Anything that keeps me warm when training in the cold (Gloves, arm warmers, leg warmers, beanies, booties, thermal tops, jackets etc) - I do not like being cold when training! I love 2XUโ€™s great range of winter training apparel.

What is your favourite training accessory?
Probably my Garmin watch. Although itโ€™s a love-hate relationship; generally I hate it when Iโ€™m unfit and love it when I am fit!

What has been the toughest experience in your career and what did you learn from it?
Touch wood, I havenโ€™t had any injuries. I guess the biggest challenge so far would be making a successful change from a junior to a senior athlete. Getting your butt kicked is never fun and I had to go through a few years of this before I started to see myself improve in the senior ranks.

Whatโ€™s the most common training mistake you see on the circuit? Any suggestions on how to avoid it?
Too much training and not having enough fun whilst you're doing it. Training too hard leading into a race, when you should be backing off the training. If youโ€™ve done the work leading into the race then the last few days should be used to rest up, especially if youโ€™ve just come off travel to get to the event. If itโ€™s a big race, Iโ€™ll have the legs up, resting most of the time from about 5 days out.

What motivates you to train and race harder?
The feeling of winning or achieving something that youโ€™ve worked so hard for. The feeling I had after winning the World U/23 Championships was unreal. Thatโ€™s the reason elite athletes do the sport โ€“ for the feeling you get after a successful race.

Describe your diet/meal plan leading up to a big race:
I donโ€™t see it necessary for athletes doing Olympic or Sprint distance events to change their diet too much a week out. I make sure a week out from a race that I am waking up hydrated each morning and Iโ€™m eating a lot of fruit and veggies in my meals. Iโ€™d normally have a big pizza the night before, but thatโ€™s mainly an excuse to eat a pizza, it isnโ€™t a must!

How do you balance your training and racing life with life outside the sport?
I have been lucky enough to be able to do triathlons basically full time. I occasionally work at the pool as a lifeguard to help make ends meet, but for now I am a full time triathlete. In terms of socialising, I get to do this a lot during my 4 โ€“ 6 week break at the end of each season, or during the year whenever it doesnโ€™t interfere with training. A lot of my friends are within the sport too, so often when we are training itโ€™s just like hanging out with your mates.

What type of nutritional supplement do you find most helpful (either for training or competition)?
I donโ€™t use any nutritional supplements. I strap two gels to my bike during an Olympic distance race but thatโ€™s it.

Best and worst thing about being a professional athlete:
Worst: Travel Best: Travel
I get to do, see and experience some of the most amazing things this world has to offer, which I never thought I would be able to do. But itโ€™s not always glamorous โ€“ it can be tiring, stressful and hard to live away from home and out of a suitcase for months on end.
BUT, that said - I wouldnโ€™t change it for anything.

In five years time, I'll be:
An Olympic medallist, own a house and busy enjoying the life of earning a living from triathlon. (Thatโ€™s the dream!)


  • Being crowned the 2012 Under 23 ITU World Triathlon Champion.